About us


Tracking and remote data Solutions based on Satellite and M2M (Machine to Machine) devices, designed and manufactured by Artechnologies S.A.


Artechnologies S.A is a proudly Ecuadorean company founded in 2004, composed by national technicians dedicated to the design and manufacture of M2M solutions and satellite tracking devices. Since its begginings, the goal was the development of comprehensive and innovative technological solutions. Thus began the CONDOR SKY SEEKER project whose purpose was to develop a tracking device, which allows to know the exact position of land vehicles, vessels, aircrafts, and in general any active whose location you want to control.

``Condor Sky Seeker is a monitoring solution by means of satellite tracking devices designed and manufactured by Artechnologies S.A.``
The project begun in 2010. The hardware and software was developed by Ecuadorean technicians, in an effort to contribute to the technological development of our country. The name of the device was taken in honor to our majestic national bird, the CONDOR.


To design and manufacture in a sustainable way, technological solutions for the industrial sector, security, logistics and transport.

Until the year 2022 become a leading company in development of Tracking and M2M solutions for local and international market.


Quality policy

In ARTECHNOLOGIES we design and manufacture in a sustainable way, technologic solutions for the security, logistical and industrial sector, committed to the full satisfaction of our customers and the continuous improvement of the quality management system. Our devices comply with strict standards of electronic manufacturing IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits).


The Intellectual Property Rights of CONDOR SKY SEEKER® are legally registered before the IEPI (Instituto Ecuatoriano de la Propiedad Intelectual) and the Presidency of the Republic in order to use the “FIRST ECUADOR®” brand. We are also certified by IRIDIUM, one of the leading suppliers of satellite Services around the world.